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*NEW* Waterproof BioThane® - Custom Dog Lead - Handsfree Lead

*NEW* Waterproof BioThane® - Custom Dog Lead - Handsfree Lead

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Craftsmanship and Style: Our BioThane® Handsfree Lead is designed for versatility and comfort, perfect for various walking and training scenarios. With a length of 2.15m and a width of 3/4" (19mm), this lead is ideal for handsfree use and can be worn cross-body or around the waist, making your walks more convenient and enjoyable.

Durable Materials: Handmade from durable, waterproof BioThane®, this lead is built to withstand the elements and daily wear. The rust-proof brass hardware adds to its longevity, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Flexible Use: The BioThane® Handsfree Lead features trigger clips at each end and a fixed dee ring near one trigger clip. An adjustable O ring, secured with a BioThane® loop, allows you to slide it up and down the lead for perfect positioning. This loop ensures the ring stays in place once set, preventing unwanted slipping.

Multiple Configurations:

  • Handsfree Lead: Wear it cross-body or around your waist for a handsfree experience.
  • Double Dog Lead: Attach a dog collar to each end for walking two dogs at once.
  • Long Line: Create a handle using one trigger clip and the moveable O ring for extended reach.
  • Regular Length Lead: Attach one trigger clip to the fixed dee ring for a standard lead length.

Customisable Options: Personalise your lead with a choice of main strap and accent colors. The accent colour is used for attaching the trigger clips and the moveable O ring, adding a touch of individuality. You can also opt for an engraved nameplate at one end for added personalisation.

Comfort and Strength: BioThane® is known for its strength and durability while being lightweight and flexible. This makes our handsfree lead comfortable to hold and use, even during long walks or training sessions.

Lasting Investment: Choosing a Kinfolk Leather custom dog lead means you're investing in a product that combines your dog's unique style with lasting quality. Our BioThane® leads are designed to endure and look great for years. When you’re ready for a fresh look, we can reuse the same high-quality hardware to create a new strap, ensuring your dog’s leash is as sustainable as it is stylish. Kinfolk Leather dog leads are more than just accessories—they're a smart and enduring investment for your loyal companion.


Due to high demand and our commitment to quality, please allow up to 2 weeks for your custom creation to be carefully crafted.



BioThane® is a brand name for a type of coated webbing that is made by bonding a PVC or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating to a polyester or nylon webbing. This creates a strong, durable, and waterproof material that is easy to clean, lightweight yet resistant to chewing and scratching.


Premium British saddlery hardware, cast from solid brass and rust-proof. Our hardware has been selected for maximum strength and to ensure our products remain rust-free for life. All hardware is kept securely in place with strong solid brass rivets.


An optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate can be securely attached to the lead with matching solid brass rivets. Your emergency contact details will be clearly visible, ensuring you can be contacted if misplaced.


Each dog lead is meticulously handmade, and our nameplates are hand-stamped. Minor tooling marks or inconsistencies in the stamping enhance the unique charm and human element of your custom dog lead.


Waterproof BioThane®

Customisation Options

This lead comes in a standard 3/4" (19mm) width and is a good size for most dogs.

Approx. 2.15 metres long - if you would like it to be shorter/longer please let us know.

Your choice of MANY colours of waterproof BioThane® strapping. The BioThane® is 2.5mm.

Your choice of either gold (solid brass) or silver (nickel-plated solid brass) hardware.

If you would like a nameplate added, your dog's details will be hand-stamped and clearly seen on the solid brass or stainless steel nameplate.

Nameplate Dimensions:
Small (for 1/2" wide collars) - 50 x 9.5mm - up to 2 lines of information in 2.5mm text
Large (for 3/4"+ wide collars) - 70 x 16mm - up to 3 lines of information in 3mm text.

Is this suitable for your pet?

We recommend using a specialty lead when attached to a tie-out and keeping this custom dog lead for walks. While our leads are extremely sturdy, and will withstand forceful tugging, there are determined dogs out there for which any lead is no match!

Collar Size & Measurement

As a general guide we recommend that if your dog’s neck circumference is:

  • less than 22cm (8.5") or puppy under 3 months old, choose a soft leather puppy collar
  • 22 - 28cm (8.5 - 11”), choose 1/2” collar
  • 28 - 34cm (10 - 13”), choose 3/4” collar
  • 32 - 40cm (12.5 - 16”), choose 1” collar
  • 38 - 50cm (15 - 20”), choose 1 1/4” collar
  • 46cm (18") and larger, choose 1 1/2” collar

Wider collars are stronger so please keep this in mind when you are selecting the collar width (basically, don’t walk a medium sized dog on a 1/2” collar, choose at least 3/4” and preferably 1” +). For medium sized breeds and larger, we highly recommend choosing our D-End Dog Collar which gives another layer of leather to pull against when attaching a lead to the dee ring.

How to Measure For A Dog Collar

We strongly suggest providing an accurate measurement when placing your order. If you follow the instructions below, this will allow us to make a collar for your dog that will fit him/her well.

1. Using a soft tape measure, record the circumference of the neck at the point where a collar would naturally lie.

2. Pull the tape so that it is snug but not tight. Record the measurement.

3. Enter this measurement in the personalisation text box when prompted. This measurement will be the middle hole of the collar, we will add at least another two holes either side.

Puppies - If your dog is a puppy, please let us know and we will make an allowance for growth when sizing the holes for the collar. Please feel free to give us a range (up to 12cm, i.e. 24-36cm) so that we can make sure there are enough holes to suit your dog's growth. We can be very flexible with the number of holes provided in the collar.

How to Measure For A Cat Collar

1. Using a soft tape measure, record the circumference of the neck at the point where a collar would naturally lie.

2. Pull the tape so that it is snug but not tight. Record the measurement.

3. Enter this measurement in the personalisation text box when prompted. 

Care Guide

Follow our instructions to care for your custom dog collar, leads or cat collar. With a little bit of TLC, your custom BioThane® or Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Dog Lead or Cat Collar will last many years.

Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in our products and stand by the quality of workmanship, craftsmanship and materials in each one. We are pleased to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the hardware components used in our products. See our Lifetime Guarantee for more information.

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