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Kinfolk Leather

Waterproof BioThane® - Custom Dog Lead - Long Line

Waterproof BioThane® - Custom Dog Lead - Long Line

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Craftsmanship and Style: Our BioThane® Long Line Dog Training Lead is built for durability and ease of use, featuring a long, flat design perfect for training sessions. Whether you're working on recall or giving your dog more freedom while still maintaining control, this lead is an excellent choice.

Durable Materials: Handmade from BioThane® strapping, a waterproof and durable alternative to leather, this lead is easy to clean—an essential feature for a lead that will often be dragged on the ground. Rust-proof brass hardware ensures long-lasting performance.

Flexible Use: Equipped with a brass trigger clip, loop handle, and an O-ring, this lead is designed for versatility. It also includes a removable loop for easy and neat hanging when not in use. Customisable to your desired length, it can be tailored to suit your specific training needs.

Comfort and Strength: One of the benefits of BioThane® dog leads is their strength and durability while remaining lightweight and flexible. This makes them comfortable to hold, even for extended periods. The 1/2" BioThane® has a break rating of 220kg and weighs 45g per metre, while the 3/4" BioThane® has a break rating of 340kg and weighs 54g per metre.

Customise Your Look: Choose from a range of BioThane® colours to match your style or create a unique, personalised look for your training sessions.

Lasting Investment: Choosing a Kinfolk Leather custom dog lead means you're investing in a piece that showcases your dog's unique personality with timeless style and lasting quality. Our BioThane® leads are crafted to endure and look great for years. When you’re ready for a fresh look, we can reuse the same high-quality hardware to create a new strap, ensuring your dog’s leash is as sustainable as it is stylish. Kinfolk Leather dog leads are more than just accessories—they're a smart and enduring investment for your loyal companion.


Due to high demand and our commitment to quality, please allow up to 2 weeks for your custom creation to be carefully crafted.



BioThane® is a brand name for a type of coated webbing that is made by bonding a PVC or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating to a polyester or nylon webbing. This creates a strong, durable, and waterproof material that is easy to clean, lightweight yet resistant to chewing and scratching.


Premium British saddlery hardware, cast from solid brass and rust-proof. Our hardware has been selected for maximum strength and to ensure our products remain rust-free for life. All hardware is kept securely in place with strong solid brass rivets.


An optional solid brass or stainless steel nameplate can be securely attached to the lead with matching solid brass rivets. Your emergency contact details will be clearly visible, ensuring you can be contacted if misplaced.


Each dog lead is meticulously handmade, and our nameplates are hand-stamped. Minor tooling marks or inconsistencies in the stamping enhance the unique charm and human element of your custom dog lead.