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Genuine Leather & Brass - 6ft Long Flat Dog Training Lead

Genuine Leather & Brass - 6ft Long Flat Dog Training Lead

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A long, flat leather dog lead with solid brass fittings to match our leather dog collars, suitable for walking two dogs at once or simply training one at a time.

It is made from three pieces of genuine leather joined with solid brass rivets and features trigger clips at either end to allow for adjustment of the length and function of the lead, along with two dee rings and one o-ring.

Handmade using Italian vegetable-tanned leather and rust-proof hardware. We round, smooth and seal the edges of the leather lead by hand, for your comfort.

Customisation Options

Leather - your choice of leather colour from our collection of premium Italian veg-tan leather.

Hardware - your choice of either gold (solid brass), silver (nickel-plated solid brass) or black (plated zinc) hardware.

Nameplate - if you would like a nameplate added, your dog's details will be hand-stamped and clearly seen on the solid brass or stainless steel nameplate. Please let us know where you want it placed - we can attach it wherever you like.

(Please note that the stainless steel nameplates are marine-grade and are a VERY hard metal - this means that the letter stamping has a lighter effect than the brass. This difference is shown in the product images.)

Is this suitable for your pet?

We use quality brass trigger clips and rings and this does give the lead some weight, so we recommend this lead for medium to large breed dogs. (Black hardware is plated zinc - which is lighter in weight).

We recommend using a specialty lead when attached to a tie-out and keeping this leather dog lead for walks. While our leads are extremely sturdy, and will withstand forceful tugging, there are determined dogs out there for which any lead is no match!

Remember: the wider the leather, the stronger the lead. Please see our Sizing Guide for recommended leather widths.


The vegetable-tanned leather has been selected for its strength and beauty - as it ages it will soften and develop a unique, natural patina, whilst remaining extremely strong to withstand harsh and demanding conditions. It has been dyed all the way through with non-toxic water dyes.

Cast from solid brass (or plated zinc if it is black), our hardware has been selected for maximum strength and to ensure our products remain rust-free for life. All hardware is kept securely in place with strong solid brass rivets.

A solid brass or stainless steel nameplate, attached securely to the collar using solid brass rivets to match the colour of the nameplate.

As our leads are entirely handmade by us, marks from the tooling process and minor inconsistencies in the stamping will occur. Neither will detract from the quality and beauty of the collar, in fact we think this adds to the charm of choosing a handmade, unique product rather than something that has been mass-produced.


The width of the leather ranges from 1/2" to 1" depending on your selection. The length of the lead from end to end is approximately 183cm. The leather is 2.8-3mm thick.

Small (for 1/2" wide leads) - 50 x 9.5mm - up to 2 lines of information in 2.5mm text
Large (for 3/4"+ wide leads) - 70 x 16mm - up to 3 lines of information in 3mm text

Sizing Guide

We usually recommend the 3/4" lead as it is a standard width and very comfortable to hold, especially for women. The 1" is equally as comfortable but slightly wider so is more suited to larger hands. The 1/2" lead is best suited to small dogs due to the reduced strength of the narrower leather.

Care Guide

With appropriate care, this leather lead should last your dog many years.

Leather is a natural material and it can display natural marking and colour variations. Over time, the leather will soften with the oils from your hand and your dog's coat, developing a natural patina. With a bit of love and care, leather ages gracefully! Give it the occasional clean and recondition with leather dressing (we make one!), and it will reward you with many years of service. Avoid getting it saturated with water as this can cause the leather to become brittle and more likely to break. If your leather dog lead does get wet, allow it to dry naturally and then recondition with a good quality leather dressing.

Due to the nature of the product, please expect some wear and tear. Scuff marks, surface scratches and colour fading are completely normal - how quickly these changes occur depends entirely on the environment in which it is used.

Brass will naturally dull and tarnish over time. You can leave it to develop a beautiful, natural patina or you can bring yours back to a beautiful sheen by polishing with brass cleaner. If the hardware is exposed to salt water, rinse well in fresh water.

As with all dog gear, check leather and hardware for signs of weakness. If rivets need replacing, contact us.

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