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Genuine Leather - Adjustable Cat Collar (with optional nameplate)

Genuine Leather - Adjustable Cat Collar (with optional nameplate)

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An adjustable cat collar made from beautifully soft Korba leather, paired with rust-proof solid brass hardware.

The 100% vegetable tanned leather is coloured all the way through. The back of the leather has a suede-like texture and makes for a very comfortable collar for your cat. 

Custom made to your cat's unique measurements, with 5 holes at 1/2" (12mm) apart there is room for adjustment should it be needed. Your cat's name and your phone number can be hand-stamped on the optional nameplate. 

Customisation Options

Leather - your choice of 6 leather colours.

Hardware - choose from solid brass (gold) or nickel-plated solid brass (silver) hardware.

Nameplate - available with or without a hand-stamped brass or marine-grade stainless steel nameplate.

Safety Buckle - choose whether to include Duraflex breakaway safety buckle (this is the black clasp you can see in the product images), which is designed to come apart with approx. 3 kg of force should your cat become tangled. This buckle will make the cat collar a 'breakaway collar', so if your cat finds itself in a tricky situation it will pull apart to free the cat with minimal injury.

[We highly recommend selecting the option to include a safety buckle on the collar. If you choose not to, please be aware that there is little to no stretch in the leather so if your cat became tangled on a branch it may not be able to free itself. Please note that this break-away feature won't work if your cat is very small or lightweight].

Bell & Loop - choose whether to include a rectangle loop with quality bell attached.

Is this suitable for your pet?

This leather cat collar is suitable for indoor and outdoor cats.


Leather is a natural material and it can display natural marking and colour variations.

As our collars are entirely handmade by us, marks from the tooling process and minor inconsistencies in the stamping will occur. Neither will detract from the quality and beauty of the collar, in fact we think this adds to the charm of choosing a handmade, unique product rather than mass-produced one.

Gold colour - Solid brass with solid brass nameplate
Silver colour - Nickel-plated solid brass hardware with stainless steel nameplate


Width: 1/2" (12mm)
Thickness of leather: 1.2 - 1.4mm
Length: custom fit for your cat. There is 2" (5cm) of length between the 1st and 5th holes. More holes can be added if requested.
Nameplate: 50 x 9.5mm solid brass or marine-grade stainless steel. 2.5mm hand-stamped numbers/letters on two lines.

Sizing Guide

Using a soft tape measure, record the circumference of the neck at the point where a collar would naturally lie. Pull the tape or string so that it is snug but not tight. Add your measurement to the 'Neck Measurement' text box when selecting your options. This collar is adjustable - we will use the measurement to position the middle hole and there will be two holes either side should you need to adjust the size.

Care Guide

With appropriate care, this leather collar should last your cat a good many years.

Over time, the leather will soften with the oils from your cat's coat, developing a natural patina. With a bit of love and care, leather ages gracefully! Give it the occasional clean and recondition with leather dressing. Avoid getting it saturated with water as this can cause the leather to become brittle - not to mention an unhappy cat! If it does get wet, allow to dry naturally and then recondition with a good quality leather dressing.

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