Choosing Your Dog's Perfect Collar: A Guide with Kinfolk Leather

Choosing Your Dog's Perfect Collar: A Guide with Kinfolk Leather

Let's talk custom dog collars with Kinfolk Leather. We're all about crafting collars that fit your pup's style and needs just right. Here's how we do it:

First things first, consider what your dog loves. Are they the adventurous type, always ready for outdoor fun? Our Biothane collars are durable and waterproof, perfect for active dogs. Or maybe they prefer a touch of elegance? Our Leather collars are both stylish and comfortable, ideal for dogs with long fur.

Now, onto materials. Our premium leather ages beautifully, becoming softer over time. If you're looking for something sturdy and easy to clean, our Biothane material is a great choice.

Size is crucial for a comfortable fit. Take a snug measurement of your dog's neck, we will make sure there is some room for adjustment, especially if they're still growing.

Let's add a personal touch. Opt for a nameplate with your dog's name and your contact details for safety. Looking to add some personality? Explore our wide range of colours, from vibrant hues to classic tones, to make the collar uniquely yours.

Ready to get started? Visit to explore our options and place your order. Have any specific requests or questions? Feel free to reach out to us—we're here to help.

We can't wait to see your pup sporting their new Kinfolk Leather collar!

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