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Vegan Leather / Waterproof Biothane - Adjustable Martingale Collar (with optional nameplate)

Vegan Leather / Waterproof Biothane - Adjustable Martingale Collar (with optional nameplate)

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A flat strap martingale dog collar, custom made to ensure a great fit for your dog. It features an adjustable buckle on one side, making it easy to get on and off your dog.

Handmade using waterproof Biothane strapping (also known as vegan / faux leather) and rust-proof solid brass hardware. We position the buckle holes for a bespoke fit.

There is no need for a separate dog tag, as we can attach an optional, hand-stamped nameplate securely to the leather using rivets - a 'silent' alternative to a jingly dog tag. 

The Biothane strapping has been paired with a premium martingale chain, brass buckle and a flat loop to ensure the strap stays securely in place.

Customisation Options

Leather - your choice of MANY colours of waterproof Biothane strapping.

Hardware - your choice of either gold (solid brass), silver (nickel-plated solid brass) or black (plated zinc) hardware. The black hardware is rated to 160kg, so suited to small/medium dogs, not lead pullers.

Nameplate - if you would like a nameplate added, your dog's details will be hand-stamped and clearly seen on the solid brass or stainless steel nameplate. The standard placement of the nameplate is directly opposite the buckle hardware, visible on the top of your dog's neck. However, if you would like a different placement just let us know - we can attach it wherever you like.

(Please note that the stainless steel nameplates are marine-grade and are a VERY hard metal - this means that the letter stamping has a lighter effect than the brass. This difference is shown in the product images.)

Is this suitable for your pet?

Martingale collars must only be used when your dog is being supervised. They are traditionally used for dogs that slip out of regular collars, as the chain tightens up behind the ears when a dog is pulling on the lead. The tightness of the collar is limited by the two dee rings, and it is very important to size the collar so that at its tightest it is firm but not choking the dog. If you do not have experience with a martingale collar we recommend you consult a dog trainer or consider our traditional flat leather collars.

The weight of the chain means this leather martingale collar is best suited to medium or large dog breeds.

Any dog collar, regardless of material, should be periodically checked and well maintained, ensuring that it remains strong, safe and fit for purpose.


Biothane is a brand name for a type of coated webbing that is made by bonding a PVC or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating to a polyester or nylon webbing. This creates a strong, durable, and waterproof material that is ideal for use in dog collars and leashes.

Cast from solid brass (or plated zinc, if black), our hardware has been selected for maximum strength and to ensure our products remain rust-free for life. All hardware is kept securely in place with strong solid brass rivets.

A solid brass or stainless steel nameplate, attached securely to the collar using solid brass rivets to match the colour of the nameplate.

As our collars are entirely handmade by us, marks from the tooling process and minor inconsistencies in the stamping will occur. Neither will detract from the quality and beauty of the collar, in fact we think this adds to the charm of choosing a handmade, unique product rather than something that has been mass-produced.


The width of the leather can be 3/4" or 1" depending on your dog's size. The leather is 2.8-3mm thick.

70 x 16mm - up to 3 lines of information in 3mm text.

Sizing Guide

Using a soft tape measure, record the circumference of the neck at the point where a collar would naturally lie. Pull the tape so that it is snug but not tight. Enter this measurement in the 'Neck Measurement' box when selecting your custom options. This measurement will be the middle hole of the collar, we will add at least another two holes either side. If your dog is a puppy, please let us know and we will make an allowance for growth when sizing the holes for the collar.

Please feel free to give us a range (up to 12cm, i.e. 38-50cm) so that we can make sure there are enough holes to suit your dog's growth. We can be very flexible with the number of holes provided in the collar.

As a general guide we recommend that if your dog’s neck circumference is:
- less than 22cm (8.5") or puppy under 3 months old, choose our soft leather puppy collar
- 22 - 28cm (8.5 - 11”), choose 1/2” collar
- 26 - 30cm (10 - 12”), choose 3/4” collar
- 28 - 40cm (11 - 16”), choose 1” collar
- 38 - 50cm (15 - 20”), choose 1 1/4” collar
- 46cm (18") and larger, choose 1 1/2” collar
Wider collars are stronger so please keep this in mind when you are selecting the collar width (basically, don’t walk a medium sized dog on a 1/2” collar! Choose at least 3/4” and preferably 1” +).

Care Guide

Here are some tips for caring for a biothane dog collar:

1. Wipe down the collar regularly: Biothane collars are easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Wipe down the collar regularly to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated.

2. Wash the collar if necessary: If the collar gets particularly dirty, you can wash it in warm, soapy water. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry before using it again.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners on the collar, as they can damage the material.

4. Store the collar properly: When not in use, store the collar in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

5. Check for wear and tear: Regularly inspect the collar for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed edges or cracks in the material. If you notice any damage, replace the collar as soon as possible to ensure your dog's safety.

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